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(銘)伯耆守平朝臣正幸 文化九年甲二月八十歳造 拵付脇差












Sword smith: Masayuki, Houki-no-kami (Taira-Ason)

Hiratsukuri Wakizashi




This sword is with a black lacquire Koshirae.

Masayuki is one of popular sword smiths in the latter half of Edo period and he was good at creating swords in So-Shu style.

This sword has a small itame type of texture, and hamon line is a mixture of gunome small pointed curve line and undulable line and has kinsuji.


In the koshirae case, it has a kozuka and menuki. a design of the kozuka is two chickens and chrysanthemum, while that of the menuki is two chikins.

The kozuka was made by Renjo(10th generation of Goto's originators family master), and the 13th generation of the master, Mitsutaka (Enjo) regarded the kozuka as 10th's work with a inscribed signiture in the back of kozuka.

The Menuki was made by Yasuda, Hojo (who had made tsuba and kozuka that the style was from Ito school in Edo period).

(銘)伯耆守平朝臣正幸 文化九年甲二月八十歳造 拵付脇差

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