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十一代空権 作 楽山焼茶碗 共箱でございます。










Potter:Kuu-gon (11th generation in the head of Rakuzanyaki Ware)

Work: Ceramic tea bowl of Rakuzanyaki ware, with za signed box



This is a ceramic tea bowl that was created by Kuu-gon (11th generation of the leader in Rakuzanyaki ware). Furnace of Rakuzan yaki(Present Matsue city in Shimane prefecture) ware was built around 1650's, and then the furnace was started in earnest after  a feudal lord in Matsue city asked a popular potter(Kurasaki, Gonbei) to stay and create potteries in good quality. Kurasaki achieved creating good tea bowl, Japanese sake cups that imitated Hagi ware(Present Yamaguchi prefecture) and took over his disciple. The 11th generation Kuu-gon was the grandson of 9th generation Kuu-mi.

Rakuzan yaki ware has been good at creating works that imitate "Irabo" style, which seems one of styles from Korean peninsula around 15th and 16th century. This tea bowl has thinner body and mouth area and rough touch feeling, so these are characteristics for Irabo.

十一代空権 作 楽山焼茶碗

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